We want to be the reference for the vision and health of your family's eyes. Dr. Carole Martel, an optometrist, with a team of certified opticians and certified assistants, is dedicated to providing the best advice for your health and visual comfort. With the values of Respect, Initiative, Teamwork and Communication, we strive to put the needs of patients first, and give you all the insights you need to make informed choices about your vision.


Because we care about YOUR EYES! This is what motivates Dr. Carole Martel, optometrist to take care of the eyes of each of her patients with the greatest attention. Born in Lasalle, she has been practicing optometry since 1998. By opening her own clinic in 2009, she and her team of certified opticians and certified assistants ensure the quality of every step of your experience: Reception, diagnostic tests, complete eye examination, choice of frames adapted to your specific needs and complete monitoring of your satisfaction.