31 October 2022

your eyes are important!

During October, we celebrated World Sight Day! This year, it fell on October 13th 2022 and the day should remind us all to love our eyes! The International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) encourages you to think about eye health and about how you can protect and keep your eyes healthy today and also on a long-term basis.
The IAPB want to use World Sight Day to put emphasis for the entire world on the importance of eye health. It has an impact on one’s education, job, quality of life, poverty, and many other durable development situations. This agency wishes to make governments, companies, institutions, and private individuals to fight for a universal access to ocular health.
In conclusion, the tip of the month is to care for your eyes and them of your family, because like we always say: your eyes are important!

Source: https://www.iapb.org/

12 September 2022

Health of your Eyes

Even if it is impossible to correct vision problems without the use of lenses or surgery, there is a lot of simple measures you can take to improve both the vision and health of the eyes,

The best way to naturally do so, is to give your eyes what they need to be healthy. Regular nutritive food and vitamin intake will help keep eyes – and body – in good shape. Enough sleep, exercise and not smoking can also be beneficial. Lower the ocular fatigue, protect your eyes from UV rays and to blue light are all solutions to take care of you eye health.

Sources : Cooper et cliniquesaada.com

11 August 2022

The importance of the eye exam

Don’t leave anything to chance when thinking of your eyes: make sure to have them looked at. Take an appointment at least every two years with your optometrist to have a regular eye exam. Even if you have good vision, your eye health will be tested to try to prevent future medical conditions.

If reading, writing, driving, or doing daily activities starts being harder, consult your optometrist. Be aware of the symptoms that might mean you need glasses: headaches, blurred vision and/or eyestrain.

For your little ones, back to school season is a good time to make sure they are ready to start learning! You can always schedule your exams as a family. It is not unusual that eyes evolve with age. After 40, even people that had perfect vision all their life might need reading glasses.

Call or write us to find out about the next availabilities!

Source : 11 tips for optimal eye health | Lumino Health (sunlife.ca)

31 May 2022

Ordering contact lenses online... why to avoid?

The optometrist’s work is to ensure a good vision, but also to watch over your eyes’ health. Don’t forget that having a contact lenses prescription does not mean it is up to date and that your vision’s need is met. Disposable lenses rest directly on the cornea and problems may occur if they are not adjusted or controlled.

Ordering online from website that are not affiliated with the official suppliers may be risky in many ways: unverified lenses, lenses unapproved by Health Canada, lenses mishandled in transport which might expose them to weather changes, etc.

One of the many advantages offered when you take you business with the clinic directly is a guarantee of the product and of your adaptation to it. This means that your optometrist will guide you toward a great eye health, a good vision, a comfortable fit and a personalised service to care to YOUR needs. The guarantee of adaptation includes tryout lenses to make sure you get the ones that are most suited for you. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, hence taking your annual appointment with the optometrist when you wear contact lenses certifies the best answer to your visual needs.

Source : Canadian Optometrist Association (Opto.ca)

2 May 2022

Safety not only at work

When your doing sports, working on your yard or handling motorized tools, always wear protection or security glasses!

Security glasses have heat-tempered glass or polycarbonate that are impact resistant and are stronger than normal lenses. They can be done both with and without prescription.

The safety frames are also more robust than ophthalmic ones. They can protect you in many situations not necessarily seen as dangerous.

With only two eyes, we suggest taking care and protecting them.

Source : www.canada.ca ET www.cnib.ca

11 April 2022

In april...

There is a saying in French that says: “En avril, on ne se découvre pas d’un fil” which means that in April, one shall not uncover… this also goes for your eyes! Sunglasses are essential yearly.

We have 3 suggestions to protect your retina according to your preference and budget.

1.Buy a sunglasses pair with your prescription that will protect the eyes completely. It’s the perfect option to prevent sunrays to slip around the glasses. The bad side: you will have to carry both pairs with you.
2.Ask for the photochromic lenses. They will change color as soon as UV rays touch said lens. The bad side: the treatment doesn’t work in a car.
3.Order an on-measure sun clip or choose a pair of glasses that come with it. The clip will attach to the frame with rubber covered hooks or magnets and will be the exact same shape. A very useful accessory! The bad side: as the clip is the size of you regular glasses, the protection isn’t as optimal to the sunrays that enter through the sides.

Come visit us for more information and prices!


2 November 2021

Words of November

We often hear terms used in the doctor’s, dentist’s or optometrist’s office that we don’t understand. Here are some words that may be less common or that you hear frequently:

  • Strabismus – Otherwise known crossed eyes, or out-turned eye. It’s a muscle condition where your eyes are not properly aligned with each other, and for a variety of reasons, one or both of your eyes may turn in, out, up or down.
  • Glaucoma – It is generally associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye, however, damage can also occur when eye pressure is normal; this is called normal pressure or normal tension glaucoma. 
  • Cataracts – They are the result of the normally clear lens in your eye becoming cloudy. They can vary from extremely small areas of cloudiness to large opaque areas that cause a noticeable reduction in vision.

Source : COA  https://opto.ca/en

5 October 2021

October's Opticians

We have at least four great reasons to work with opticians: for the advice, for the adjustments, for comfort and for style. Your optometrist also turns to them to be able to serve you better!

This month, we must wish a happy retirement to Claude Brunet. Optician at the Clinique Optométrique Carole Martel for 10 years, but practicing in Lasalle since 1983. We are enjoying his presence for the first two weeks, but will have to say goodbye after.

Come wish Claude retirement and welcome Isabelle, our new optician who will start after thanksgiving weekend!

13 September 2021

MiYOSMART September 2021

Myopia is a visual trouble characterised by a clear vision of near objects, and a blurred sight of further ones. According to a study made in 2016, nearly half of the world’s population could be myopic by 2050.

Ideally, early intervention is the best option to limit myopia. When left untreated, it can provoke long term problems to one’s vision.

HOYA, one of our lenses supplier, developed the MiYOSMART lenses to help slow down myopia’s progression. In selected cases, the lens with this « Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments » technology could be a great option. MiYOSMART’s defocus segments allow the eyes to stay in the center of the lens where the refraction power was calculated to answer your child’s needs.

To know if MiYOSMART could be a good solution for your child, don’t hesitate to ask more information during your next appointment.

(Source : HOYA)

1 July 2021

Eat healthy for you eyes in July 2021

Add foods that are good for the eyes to your diet. Foods containing vitamin C (papaya, red pepper, kiwi, strawberry, and orange) or antioxidants like lutein and beta-carotene (carrot, sweet potato, spinach, kale, and broccoli) may reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

source: CAO