It’s official: summer is here, school is over and it is time to take advantage of the beautiful weather! Remember to protect your head, your skin and evidently: YOUR EYES!

With this stunning sun, we want you all to remember how using your sunglasses the right way is of great importance to enjoy your summer even more. Thus, try to find a pair of sunglasses large enough to protect you against the rays coming from all around. Choose a frame that is strong and durable (especially for the little ones that are so active). It should be adjusted and tight enough that you will be tempted to wear it often.

Most of our sunglasses can be made with your prescription in them! Take an appointment soon so our optitians and assistants can help you find the perfect pair for you and your lifestyle.

Available here : Maui Jim, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Tiffany & co… and many more!