The optometrist’s work is to ensure a good vision, but also to watch over your eyes’ health. Don’t forget that having a contact lenses prescription does not mean it is up to date and that your vision’s need is met. Disposable lenses rest directly on the cornea and problems may occur if they are not adjusted or controlled.

Ordering online from website that are not affiliated with the official suppliers may be risky in many ways: unverified lenses, lenses unapproved by Health Canada, lenses mishandled in transport which might expose them to weather changes, etc.

One of the many advantages offered when you take you business with the clinic directly is a guarantee of the product and of your adaptation to it. This means that your optometrist will guide you toward a great eye health, a good vision, a comfortable fit and a personalised service to care to YOUR needs. The guarantee of adaptation includes tryout lenses to make sure you get the ones that are most suited for you. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, hence taking your annual appointment with the optometrist when you wear contact lenses certifies the best answer to your visual needs.

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