For many, March means spring break! Did you know that your kids also need to take an appointment with the optometrist? The RAMQ covers most fees for children up to 17 years old (inclusively).

However, don’t forget how fast they grow up! Children do not usually complain about sight problems or may not even be aware that they are experiencing them. Even if the last eye examination was made right before going back to school, pay attention to the signs that may occur. They can develop very quickly:

  •          Unusual performance in school;
  •          Avoiding up close work and loss of interest in reading;
  •          Losing the line during reading;
  •          Tendency to hold the book closer;
  •          Turning or moving their head to use only one eye;
  •          Recurrent headaches;
  •          Etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you think you or a member of your family needs an appointment.