Obviously, your choice of eyeglasses is important! Your optometrist knows well about it!

Choosing a frame that will give you satisfaction, comfort, and will be good looking, requires time and knowledge. For example: we must choose the type of lenses according to your needs: materials, types of bifocals, HD (high definition) lenses, treatments against glare or for specific uses: computer, tablet, sports, various types of work. Will it be a plastic or metal mount? How much will it cost? What is the best price for my specific needs? Are there several qualities? What are the appropriate choices? Our specialty is to help you make those choices. Through its continuous training, our team is able to give you all the required explanations and answer your questions.

Dare to compare!

Have you seen a frame that interests you elsewhere? Tell us! We have access to thousands of models, shapes and colors. As part of the largest group of independent optometrists in Canada, our prices are competitive. In addition we can give you the explanations that you need to make a wise choice adapted to your face and your visual specificities. Finally, we stand out for exceptional service.

Does anyone else offer you that much?​​​​​​​

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