Much more than just a product, contact lenses become one with your eyes. It is therefore essential that they are correctly chosen and perfectly adjusted.

Depending on the needs, the lenses are available in flexible, rigid or semi-rigid form.

We carry a large inventory of contact lenses from leading manufacturers such as Alcon, Cooper and Johnson & Johnson. Each of these manufacturers offers a series of products, brands and models each with their own unique comfort, oxygen permeability, durability, precision and flexibility. Hence the importance of not making a choice lightly and to have an expert who knows our eyes to advise us.

Some so-called cosmetic lenses can change the color or appearance of your eyes. The greatest caution is required in this regard. Contact lenses are medical devices that are regulated by Health Canada. Both ophthalmic lenses and cosmetic lenses must be prescribed. The reason is simple: the most common complications such as infections and inflammation can lead to vision loss or blindness.