We often hear terms used in the doctor’s, dentist’s or optometrist’s office that we don’t understand. Here are some words that may be less common or that you hear frequently:

  • Strabismus – Otherwise known crossed eyes, or out-turned eye. It’s a muscle condition where your eyes are not properly aligned with each other, and for a variety of reasons, one or both of your eyes may turn in, out, up or down.
  • Glaucoma – It is generally associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye, however, damage can also occur when eye pressure is normal; this is called normal pressure or normal tension glaucoma. 
  • Cataracts – They are the result of the normally clear lens in your eye becoming cloudy. They can vary from extremely small areas of cloudiness to large opaque areas that cause a noticeable reduction in vision.

Source : COA https://opto.ca/en