There is a saying in French that says: “En avril, on ne se découvre pas d’un fil” which means that in April, one shall not uncover… this also goes for your eyes! Sunglasses are essential yearly.

We have 3 suggestions to protect your retina according to your preference and budget.

1.       Buy a sunglasses pair with your prescription that will protect the eyes completely. It’s the perfect option to prevent sunrays to slip around the glasses. The bad side: you will have to carry both pairs with you.
2.       Ask for the photochromic lenses. They will change color as soon as UV rays touch said lens. The bad side: the treatment doesn’t work in a car.
3.       Order an on-measure sun clip or choose a pair of glasses that come with it. The clip will attach to the frame with rubber covered hooks or magnets and will be the exact same shape. A very useful accessory! The bad side: as the clip is the size of you regular glasses, the protection isn’t as optimal to the sunrays that enter through the sides.

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