Care of your contact lenses :

Careful maintenance is necessary to clear the lenses of all deposits, dirt and micro-organisms from your eyes, your environment and your handling.

After adjusting the contact lenses, your optometrist will tell you which cleaning products to use and will give you some tips to protect your eyes.

Lens cleaning will quickly become part of your routine just like washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

To prevent infections or burns to the eyes, do not use other products than those recommended for you. If in doubt about a product or practice, ask our professionals.

One day disposable lenses and extended wear lenses :

Contact lenses are chosen according to a specific wearing schedule. It is very important to strictly follow the instructions to avoid any trouble.

In fact, 1-day lenses are designed differently from 2-week, monthly or extended-wear lenses. In all cases it is important to avoid trying to stretch the recommended port or to use lenses which expiry date has passed. This can cause damage to the eye that will prevent you from wearing the lenses again for a period of time, sometimes even forever.

Your contact lenses case must also be carefully maintained. Use a few drops of your cleaning solution and rinse with your saline solution.

Always keep your case and lenses away from extreme temperatures.