This month; understand the difference between the optometrist (O.D.), the ophthalmologist (M.D.) and the optician (O.O.D).

An optometrist followed a university program of 5 years leading to a doctorate. They do a complete eye exam to insure the health and good vision of your eyes. Furthermore, they can prescribe, sell and adjust ophthalmic lenses, treat eye problems or redirect patients towards a specialist.

The ophtalmologist followed a specific training in ophthalmology and has a medical doctorate. They diagnose and treat eye problems under the reference of the optometrist. They prescribe the drugs or surgery needed to solve the troubles.

An optician has a collegial diploma obtained after a three-year program. They are a professional able to sell and adjust ophthalmic lenses according to the prescription made by the optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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