To ensure comfort and performance, contact lenses should be properly adjusted by your optometrist. The minutes that you invest at this stage are important for months of future visual comfort!

In recent years, contact lens technology has made great progress. We will use our experience to prescribe and adjust the lenses that suit you best.

The diameter and curvature of the cornea must be determined to avoid the discomfort associated with contact lenses that are too tight or too loose. If your cornea has an irregular shape, due to a corneal transplant or scar, you may need a special kind of lens. The size of the pupil and iris will also be measured.

In addition to correcting myopia, contact lenses are now prescribed for certain types of astigmatism and presbyopia.

Trial lenses

During the eye exam, the optometrist will ask you some questions related to the use of lenses: allergies, activities etc. She will determine the wearing frequency of lenses suited to your lifestyle and will adjust a pair of lenses to the test.
She will explain how to put and remove the lenses, how to clean them and take care of them.

A control visit will take place about a week later to check if the lenses are still suitable. If they give you complete satisfaction, you can order a supply of contacts. Sometimes, you can leave the same day with your contact lenses.

You will then be able to order the new lenses directly on our website, until the next eye exam prescribed by your optometrist.